3 Tips to Maintain Your Hair and Skin at Home, According to Celebrity Beauty Experts

While getting your hair done or booking a facial might not seem like a priority during times of uncertainty, tending to a little self-care can help us feel good during these monotonous days. In other words, we’re about to make a case for getting dolled up just to dance around the house. Since you’re stuck at home, now is the perfect time to give your hair and skin that good TLC and try out these insider tips from three celebrity beauty experts. Your home will turn into your very own salon and s

9 Foods You Should Eat Before A Workout

As the talk surrounding COVID-19 only gets louder, it’s important now more than ever to put your health first. That includes eating immune-boosting foods, taking your vitamins, and resting. However, maintaining a regular routine is the true gem in getting us through the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. If working out is a part of your normal daily regimen, start with consuming nutritious foods. We don’t want to bog you down with tricky recipes and overdone fads (no, you shouldn’t be drinking

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

There’s a bit of thinking that goes into adopting a new cat or dog. To make sure you’re making a thoughtful decision for both you and your future pet, we’re dishing out some tips to keep in mind for when it’s time to commit to that fur-ever kind of love. Ask yourself, are you ready to adopt? At a time when the word commitment leaves a thought bubble lingering over your head, you must be comfortable with the idea when adopting your pet. You’re looking at 10 to 15 years spent with a pup and pos

Why Social Media Advertising Has A Place In Your 2020 Budgets

It has been said many times and many ways that social media doesn’t deserve budgets, at least not as much as Search, Criteo, or other channels. While there may be some reasoning behind spending more in one channel vs. another during various times of the year, some of these decisions might be decided before knowing everything that paid social media advertising has to offer. Here, I am going to try to lend a hand to the platforms to show you where you might be leaving money on the table. In additi

Wpromote Acquires Metric Digital, Enhancing D2C Performance Marketing Offering

(Editor) Wpromote's Founder and CEO Michael Mothner gave further insight into the acquisition decision: "Metric Digital has become a go-to performance marketing agency for disruptor brands looking for sustainable growth in highly competitive industries, which makes them a perfect fit for fueling our Challenger Mindset and consumer first, data-centric methodology. We couldn't be more thrilled to welcome them to the team." The excitement flows in both directions: "DTC is growing up and so is Metric Digita

MeasureCamp Recap: Making Your Life Easier With Custom Templates In Google Tag Manager

(Editor) I was fortunate to be able to represent Wpromote at the first-ever MeasureCamp in the State of Texas (and only the third location in the United States!), MeasureCamp Austin. MeasureCamp is the world’s largest Digital Analytics ‘unconference’, meaning it is run by members of the Digital Analytics Community for the Digital Analytics Community. You can find out more about MeasureCamp by visiting the official website. One of the most unique things about MeasureCamp is that there is no pre-arranged

Profitability Provides Us With The Right Answer

(Editor) Before reading any further, answer this question: what would you rather see at the end of the month, an increase in revenue or an increase in profit? In almost every case, the answer is profit. For decades, Wall Street and the finance industry have used profit as the gold standard for metrics, and yet the success of marketing campaigns is judged on revenue metrics. Revenue is translated to us via a metric we are all familiar with, conversions. Fundamentally, monitoring conversions makes sense,

Vacations by Marriott

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, it’s no wonder Florence attracts visitors from all walks of life. The city offers an abundance of authentic Italian art, culture, evolving fashion brands, and restaurants. If you decide to pack up for a journey through this Italian paradise, here’s what you can expect from your adventures. Florence is home to a world of incredible art. The Uffizi Gallery, located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria, showcases famous artwork from the Italian Renaissance. T

Eco-friendly Holiday Tips

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we can turn our full attention to the holidays. If you spent most of the year making environmentally conscious decisions, you probably already have a plan to continue those through Christmas. And, if you were more naughty than nice this year when it comes to being “green,” the holidays are a great time to start your sustainable efforts. Follow the eco-friendly tips below to ensure you and your family have an enjoyable, yet sustainable holiday season. Tu

How to Sleep When Sick | Flu Symptoms & Restless Sleep | SHEEX

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get the sleep you need when you’re sick? Symptoms tend to get worse at night, which explains part of the problem. Laying down flat and taking all kinds of medicine aren’t guaranteed to help. The best way to fight the flu or cold symptoms is sleep. When you sleep, your fever tends to rise, and your body goes into full repair mode. A fever is your body’s way of fighting the illness. If you don’t get that sleep, are you getting better? SHEEX is all about

How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift

It’s a dilemma like no other: You’ve got a baby shower coming up soon and you haven’t bought a gift yet. What is the socially acceptable amount to spend on a present? Before you go crazy on a baby shower gift, there are a few things to consider - especially if you want to get an appropriate gift for the expectant parents. Begin by asking yourself, how well do I know the expectant mother/family? This can help you determine how much moolah you want to set aside. Once you’ve established that, you

How to Pick the Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Did you know that it’s essential to sterilize baby products that directly touch your baby’s food and mouth? Pediatricians recommend that you sterilize and dry all baby products like bottles and pump parts before their first use, then every few weeks after that. If your baby is in daycare, sterilizing and drying should happen weekly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends that breast pump parts be sterilized daily. And, you should always sterilize all baby products after y

When Can Babies Have Water and How to Transition Them

As a new mom, you’ve been serving formula and breast milk in a bottle for quite some time. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply pour a sippy cup of whole milk or water from your refrigerator instead? Introducing a sippy cup such as our transitional sippy cup goes hand in hand with leaving formula and breast milk behind for other beverages. According to KidsHealth®, “most doctors recommend introducing a cup around the time a baby is 6 months old.” While they may not know what to do with it, in time they
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