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In 1970, a young Gary Anderson designed the famous recycle logo, an eco-label that now lives in the ether of the public domain and concisely encapsulates the endless life cycle of recyclable materials. What took Anderson two days to design became a timeless symbol for the principles of recycling—one that has been contorted, manipulated, praised, overused, adored, and misunderstood for over 5 decades. If that sounds like a particularly harsh truth, that’s because it is. And an industry that c

The Lowdown on Mushroom Supplements and the Benefits

Let’s take a trip through the mushroom meadow. Not to be deceiving here, but we are not talking about the button, cremini, portobello, and oyster mushrooms located at your local grocer. Instead, we’re talking about the antioxidant-rich mushrooms, like Chaga and lion’s mane, which can’t easily be consumed as a side at dinner. These types of mushrooms, like Reishi and Cordyceps, are relatively new and widely unknown in Western medicine, but they are extremely common in medicinal practices elsewhe

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Chlorophyll

From dissecting the resurgence of the sweater vest to solving the riddle: is coffee actually bad for you? — we’re totally obsessed with learning a thing or two about the ins and outs of every trend. That’s why it was a must for us to get down to the bottom of a recent health trend surrounding chlorophyll. However, there’s nothing about the actual component that is recent at all. Chlorophyll is a term you might have learned about in science class. That’s because this component is so crucial to

Our Fave Free People Pieces in the Fresh Fashion Sale

Warmer months are upon us, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a wardrobe check. As we dutifully pack away our sweaters and scarves, it’s time to embrace some of our favorite Free People pieces. We are not saying so long to cooler temperatures, but with these staple items, you can transition well from one season to the next in style. You can find these pieces and more on-trend styles in the Fresh Fashion Sale. From cute floral prints to sleek athleisure wear, shop the Fresh Fashion

How to Reap the Insane Benefits of Rice Water for Your Hair

Each and every day there seems to be a crazy new beauty trend on the rise. At this point, what won’t people do or try to get their hair and skin looking and feeling just right? In that same breath, we welcome the topic of a beauty trend that’s not so trendy. In fact, this beauty trend dates way back before our time. That being, the tradition of bathing your hair in rice water. According to Medical News Today, “women in the Heian period (794 to 1185 CE) in Japan had floor-length hair that they

Best Ingredients for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin should be cared for so diligently. Each and every day we expose ourselves to the natural (and almost harmful) ingredients of the external world, so it’s crucial that whatever we intentionally place upon our skin negates the extremities of bacteria, inflammation, and excessive oil. If you’re looking for skin care that, well, cares for your skin rather than irritates it, you’re in luck. Here are some ingredients that are beneficial to acne-prone skin, and the products to back it u

What Happens to Your Skin When You Work Out? An Expert Weighs In

Working out can have quite an effect on our bodies. For instance, working out speeds up our metabolism, and it also boosts our mood tremendously. Not only that, but regular exercise also affects the skin! Some refer to the superfluous redness that occurs post-workout as the “post-workout glow.” But, what does that really mean? What really happens to our skin when we exercise? The good stuff that happens to our skin during our workout • When you exercise, you increase your blood flow (hello, re

The Top 8 Beauty Ingredients to Look for If You Have Mature Skin

Managing mature skin is no easy feat — and we can only imagine the stress someone might feel when being targeted by anti-aging skin care brands. For years, brands have worked tirelessly to let you know why their products will help reverse aging and make you look and feel young again. As if, right? Can they really do that? We know that mature, aging skin means a life well-lived. However, every now and again we like to revive our skin. There’s no halting the aging process but there are key ingred

Dry Skin? We Don't Know Her: Tips for Healthy Skin All Winter Long

While we’re winding down from the flurry of holiday excitement, there’s one part of our body that’s still at work: our skin. The largest organ has no time to rest, constantly adjusting to the change of the season and doing its job to replenish and rejuvenate all on its own. With cold months come winter flares up, and if you’re prone to eczema or seasonally dry skin, you know how bad this can get. To give your skin the much-needed assistance to combat the side effects of a cold, dry winter, we’r

What No One Wants to Talk About: Candida and How to Keep it Under Control

As the season changes, so does our body. We kiss summer months goodbye, bid farewell to the excess of vitamin D readily available, and welcome new changes to our overall health and wellness. Specifically, the winter months bring bouts of dry skin –but what if there’s an underlying issue you’re not aware of? What if it’s not just dry skin or a chapped lip? It was only a few weeks ago when I was complaining of an itchy scalp to my hairdresser. I begged for tips on how to alleviate what felt like

The Sweater Trend That's Making a Big Comeback

1970, is that you? It wasn’t long ago that we heard about the inevitable comeback of the sweater vest. A few weeks later, our Instagram feeds were riddled with stylish vests! The origin story When we think about sweater vests we think of the 90s and Y2K adaptation of the sweater vest trend. Cher from Clueless comes to mind along with the sartorially sophisticated clan in Heathers — but the sweater vest dates back much further than we think. Getting superior recognition in the UK, the sweater

5 Serums You Need Right Now to Minimize Your Pores

Oversized pores? We don’t know her. Alright, maybe we do. If you’re someone with oversized or pesky pores, then you have come to the right place. We’re unpacking our favorite serums that will help with the unpacking of your pores. From affordable to the splurge, we’ve got you covered. Taking care of your pores doesn’t have to be expensive — just ask the people raving over this powerful serum. This bottle is rich in niacinamide and zinc, which work together to reduce signs of congestion while b

5 Chic Ways to Style Your Blazer This Fall

Nothing gets us more excited than a woman who knows how to work a blazer. For as long we can remember, blazers were mainly worn with a co-ord counterpart: the matching pant. However, rocking the blazer is a power move that doesn’t call for a power suit. As we transition to fall, dust off those blazers and bring them to the front of your closet. Here are some ways you can rock this stylish, lightweight jacket in the coming months. If you find an oversized blazer, button it up and wear it as a d

5 Black-Owned Skin Care Brands You Should Know About

There are some big things happening in skin care — and the brains behind these beauty brands are just getting started. We’re calling roll for some of the black-owned skin care brands that are currently taking up space on our shelves. Adult acne is totally normal — but finding a treatment that actually works seems to be a task in itself. That’s why we love Rosen. This clean brand wants you to be confident, comfortable, and happy with yourself and the skin you have. Say so long to your heavy mois

Natural Wines: Why We Love Them And What We're Sippin' On

For years we have been making the case that wine is “au natural.” When advised to put the glass down and drink some water, we say, “What is more refreshing and hydrating than a glass of grapes from Mother Nature herself?” However, not all wines are considered natural. In fact, most of them are not. A lot of wines have ingredients in them that cause hangovers, acid reflux — you know, the stuff we don’t like. So, we’re chatting about natural wines, some of the benefits that come with drinking na

Your Perfect Nail Color, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We’re not here to tell you what kind of day you’re going to have or what dating you must be like (@BennyDrama has you covered on that). However, regardless of what your horoscope says, you can get through any day — no matter how good or bad — with a bomb polish painted on your nails. What better way to choose a color than by opting for one that truly represents you? From a shimmery color for our queen-bee Leo down to the soft pink for our compassionate Pisces, we’re breaking down what polish su
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